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Memorial Marker Service

According to Jewish tradition, permanent memorial markers can be placed any time during the first year of mourning. Granite memorials are used in many of our ground burial sections. Production and setting of a granite memorial requires 8 weeks from the time the order is placed. Bronze memorials are used on all mausoleum, garden mausoleum and some ground burial sections. This is a 16-week timeline from the date of order. Traditionally, once the marker is set, an unveiling takes place. Support for an unveiling, such as chairs and the unveiling curtain, are included as part of your arrangement.

Hillside offers Memorial Marker Detailing (complimentary) and Memorial Marker Refinishing services. To request one of these services, please call the Hillside Office at (800) 576-1994 and we will assist you in ensuring your loved one’s marker is attended to.

The following images are examples of Memorial Markers that may be purchased and customized by speaking with one of our dedicated Family Service Advisors.

Please note that availability of markers and styles differ based upon location in the park.

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Beveled Granite Marker

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Bronze Marker (Double)


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Granite Marker

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Jerusalem Stone Marker (Double)