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Meaningful and Fulfilling Religious Themed Funeral and Cremation in Beverly Crest, CA

If you and your family have ties to the Jewish community and wish to plan a Jewish funeral and cremation in Beverly Crest, CA, look at the fantastic offerings available through Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary. As a full-service funeral home that includes burial solutions, you can be supported through each phase of the final arrangements process. Additionally, your traditions and religious needs are well understood here. We find deep fulfillment in assisting families through this most tender time.

Honoring ceremonies and death care that consider the religious and lifestyle themes important to the decedent and their families can bring great comfort. Whether you have a strong Jewish background or loose ties to the community, this can be an important element of laying your loved one to rest. There can be customization on certain things, but finding familiar and respectful solutions is often reassuring to the bereaved.

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Solutions for Green Burial and Preparation

Preparing the body for final disposition involves deeply personal choices and preferences. There may be the added need to balance any known wishes of the decedent with what the family prefers and can afford for death care options. If you are interested in working with a green mortuary and acquiring a green burial for your future needs or a loved one, it can help you learn what the funeral homes in your area offer.

By looking for the least ecologically impactful practices, you can soften the final footprint of the deceased in multiple ways. You could have the remains cremated to reduce the size of the remains. Cremation involves the process of heating the body until all of the soft tissues and fluids have been turned into vapor. Only the most rigid sections of the bone matter are left behind, ground into the “ashes.” With cremation, you can bypass any embalming with toxic chemicals that would be used to temporarily preserve the deceased remains for public presentation.

If, instead, you need to have the body prepared for funeral services and presentation, you can find mortuaries that offer green options for embalming and preserving the tissues. This might be through using natural products such as essential oils, refrigeration, and careful ice packing to keep the body very cold during display. Shortening the time between death and the honoring ceremonies will also help.

More natural burial solutions can be worked out with the cemetery you choose. The body can be interred in certain areas without external casketing structures, such as burial vaults and urns. Many mortuaries can help you source fully biodegradable caskets and shrouds to facilitate a more natural disposition experience. Ask your burial establishment what solutions have been tried and align with the rules and regulations of their establishment to learn more about what is possible for green funeral and cremation in Beverly Crest, CA.

Funeral and Cremation in Beverly Crest, CA, Boasts Many Burial and Placement Options

One nice thing about working with Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary is the range of possible options that can be utilized for burial and final placement solutions. Customize these details as needed and find a meaningful and sacred space to enter your loved one.

Ground Burial for Caskets or Urns: Earthen burial has been used for final disposition needs throughout human history. Burial creates a permanent place of a memorial that those mourning the loss can return to again and again in the future as they work through the layers of this loss. Interment of deceased bodies feels respectful and helps to facilitate the natural breakdown of carbon-based atoms in the life cycle.

Mausoleum Crypts in a Ground Wall: If you find burial distasteful or want a different route, burial in a ground wall that includes mausoleum spaces can be a fitting alternative. These slots are individually filled with full-sized remains, often contained in a casket. Each crypt may be marked with identifying information to honor the deceased’s memory.

Columbarium Wall or House: A columbarium is a structure that houses many niche spaces large enough to hold cremation urns. They are sealed and can also be marked with identifying information in alignment with the burial park’s rules.

Personalized Cremation Boulders: Cremated remains can be scattered in cremation gardens or nostalgic outdoor settings. However, consider commissioning a cremation boulder if you want a more substantial option with a natural vibe. This natural-looking “stone” can house the cremated remains, be plated with a bronze plaque or marker, and be laid to rest in a cremation garden, cemetery, or another setting you prefer.

Call Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary for Your Final Arrangement Needs

Lay your loved one to rest and have access to various customizable death care solutions and final placements after a funeral and cremation in Beverly Crest, CA. Reach out to the seasoned professional experts at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary to learn more. Call to arrange a complimentary tour of the grounds and facilities by dialing (310) 641-0707. Immediate needs will be addressed at all hours throughout the year. Please find us at 6001 W Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What to Do When Death Occurs in the Middle of the Night?

When death occurs in the middle of the night, it can be a difficult and confusing time. First, contact either 911 or your local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department as soon as possible. EMS personnel will help assess the situation and provide necessary medical interventions if required. Second, contact any close friends or family members if possible so they can be informed about what has happened and receive support from those around them during this difficult time. Finally, contact local funeral homes about their guidelines for transporting bodies in cases like this one so you know where you need transport them when necessary. In most cases, funeral directors will work with families overnight on order to make arrangements at no extra cost or inconvenience during such times of necessity.  Above all else, remain calm while also providing comfort and support throughout this process. Here are the first steps during a time of loss.

Who Should be Responsible for Arranging a Funeral?

Well, arranging a funeral can be a daunting task, especially when you’re already grieving. So, who should be responsible for this solemn duty? Here are some factors to consider: 

  • Responsible for arranging a funeral can generally be assumed by the immediate family of the deceased.
  • If the deceased has named an executor in their will, that person may be responsible.
  • If the deceased has pre-planned their funeral, then the service provider they’ve chosen will be responsible.
  • Friends or members of the community may help with arrangements, especially if the deceased did not have any immediate family.
  • Depending on religious or cultural beliefs, there may be specific guidelines and traditions that dictate who is responsible.

What is the Most Difficult Part When Planning a Loved One’s Funeral?

Planning the funeral of a loved one can be a difficult and emotionally taxing experience. The most difficult part is often making decisions that are both meaningful to the deceased, while also honoring their wishes and preserving their legacy. One important decision when planning a funeral involves choosing the appropriate type of service for your loved one. Additionally, you can consider hiring a funeral director to provide support during this emotionally difficult process.