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Cemetery Options

Wall Spaces
Wall spaces are available throughout Hillside Memorial Park. Enhanced by the elegant architecture of the buildings in which they reside, they are made even more beautiful by the use of natural Jerusalem stone, granite and travertine. These spaces can be personalized with bronze memorial markers, honoring your loved one with a special remembrance.

Ground Spaces
With ample ground space available throughout Hillside Memorial Park, your choice of location is nearly limitless. Every area within Hillside offers a picturesque, peaceful setting. Most areas of the park can accommodate single or double occupancy depending on your family’s desires.

Urn Properties
Hillside offers a number of locations for cremation urns. The selections for urn properties include ground spaces, glass front niches, wall niches and wall spaces. In addition, waterfront urn locations are offered in the new Garden of Solomon.

These properties ensure your loved ones are accommodated in a single location. Memorial markers bearing the family name and other personalized remembrances are available to honor the members of your family.

Family Rooms
Family Rooms offer stately accommodations for families whose wishes include the utmost in privacy and tranquility.

The granite Sarcophagus is an historically esteemed and elegant way to honor beloved family members. Grand in scale and prestige, these unique properties are as renowned as the families they honor for eternity.

Memorial Markers
Hillside offers a number of customized memorial markers to honor your loved ones. Bronze memorials are available for wall spaces. Ground space markers are available in both bronze and granite. All Sarcophagi can be personalized with a family name engraved directly into its granite structure.

Lasting Memories™ Memorial Markers
What better tribute for a family member than a personalized memorial that bears your loved one’s photographic images? Our Lasting Memories™ Memorials can reproduce highly detailed photographs in cast bronze markers. We have perfected the technique of casting art into bronze using any photographs you desire. Each memorial is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art that honors your loved ones in a most special way.