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Valley of the Prophets

The Valley of the Prophets grand mausoleum overlooks expansive family estates and lush ground spaces. Natural elements combine with glistening fountains, imported granite and architectural stained-glass windows to establish a realm of stately elegance. Integrated amongst the wall spaces and architecture within the mausoleum, lie curved niches for urns. Adorning the center of the mausoleum floor is a mural that reflects upon the importance of family, illustrated by the Hebrew phrase L’dor V’dor, “From Generation to Generation.” The seven concentric circles of varying colors represent the importance of the number seven in Judaism and what it stands for: creation, good fortune and blessing.

Each of the four family rooms are adorned with custom stained-glass windows representing the prophets Moses, Miriam and Aaron. The color palette features blues, greens, purples and oranges to symbolize the major themes of day and night, light and darkness, water and the desert, conveying the stages and span of a lifetime.

The rotunda floor and stained-glass were designed by nationally-renowned artist, Laurie Gross.


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