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Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Israel

Published October 25th, 2023 in In the News | Comments Off on Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Israel

Dear Valued Community,

In light of the recent tensions and confrontations involving Hamas, the situation in Israel has once again highlighted the delicate balance of peace, security, and the challenges of coexistence. For many, Israel stands not just as a geographical locale, but as a beacon of hope, representing the triumph of the human spirit over adversities that span millennia. Our hopes for Israel are that she continues to thrive in harmony, fostering an environment where every citizen, regardless of background or belief, can enjoy the blessings of peace, security, and prosperity. Amidst the challenges and complexities of the region, it’s our heartfelt wish that the bonds of unity, understanding, and mutual respect illuminate every corner of the nation.

Prayers for Israel often echo these sentiments of peace and unity, calling upon the Divine for guidance, protection, and blessing. As people from all walks of life lift their voices, they seek a future where children play without fear, where neighbors come together in mutual respect, and where the sanctity of life is upheld above all. The rich tapestry of faiths in Israel and beyond converge in a symphony of prayers, each resonating with a deep yearning for a brighter tomorrow. As faith remains a guiding force for many, let the prayers from synagogues, mosques, churches, and homes converge into a powerful call for peace, unity, and a brighter, more harmonious future for all in the region.

As diaspora Jews, we share in Israel’s pain at this difficult time. We mourn with those families who have lost loved ones. We pray for the healing of all who are injured. We unwaveringly hope for, and will always work toward, peace.

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Israel,


Rafael Ochoa

General Manager

Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary

We stand with Israel