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Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Israel

Dear Valued Community,

In light of the recent tensions and confrontations involving Hamas, the situation in Israel has once again highlighted the delicate balance of peace, security, and the challenges of coexistence. For many, Israel stands not just as a geographical locale, but as a beacon of hope, representing the triumph of the human spirit […]
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Ethical Wills: What You Leave Behind – Rabbi Steven Carr Reuben

A 6th grade teacher posed the following problem to her class in arithmetic:  “A wealthy man dies and leaves twenty million dollars.  One-fifth is to go to his wife, one-fifth is to go to his daughter, one-sixth to his butler, and the rest to charity.  Now,” she asked the class,  “what does each get?”  […]
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From 1922 to 2023: 101 years of Bat Mitzvah

The month of March was declared National Women’s History Month in 1987 by a special proclamation from President Ronald Regan, acknowledging the significant history and achievements of women.  President Jimmy Carter had previously declared the week of March 7th, Women’s History Week, but the expansion to a full month was intended to […]
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Janice Salter

Janice Salter, 81, died peacefully in her home in Brentwood on Sunday with her hands held by her two loves, her husband, Stan Rogers and her son, Chad Lapides. Her heart was held by the joy of her life, her grandson, Keenan Lapides. Janice’s sisters, Phyllis Salter and Nancy Barron also were blessed by being […]
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