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Mortuary Pricing

At Hillside, we believe funerals and memorial services are as unique as the individuals and lives they honor. We do not bundle services into packages that may include features you do not want. We itemize the goods and services we offer so you can select those that are most important to you. A funeral and burial at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary may involve:

  • An experienced, professional counselor to assist you in making the arrangements you desire
  • Mortuary services to care for and prepare the deceased
  • Transportation of the deceased as required
  • Caskets or urns
  • Flowers and personalization options
  • Use of the Hillside Chapel (or arrangements for another venue)
  • Memorial or funeral services
  • Selection from a wide range of cemetery property
  • Markers and memorial tablets

Itemized price lists for all the goods and services we offer is available below, allowing you to customize the goods and services you desire.