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Gan Eden – Green Burial

The First Certified Green Burial Area in Los Angeles

Traditional Jewish burial rituals have been “Green” for thousands of years, being performed without a casket, symbolizing the return to the Earth and the dust from which you were created; honoring the natural process intended for our bodies to be reunited with the earth.

The key difference between Gan Eden and the rest of the park is that burials are performed in biodegradable caskets or shrouds with no concrete vaults or liners placed in the interment space.

As environmental consciousness continues to rise, Hillside remains committed to responsibly using natural resources. We understand that many of our families choose to consider ecological values in addition to religious values when making their end-of-life arrangements.

Hillside Memorial Park continues to be among the most progressive Jewish cemeteries in the United States, offering the largest variety of options to our community. Green burial is yet another example of our dedication to accommodate the requests and diversity of the families we are honored to serve.

Hillside Memorial Park is a certified Three-Leaf rated mortuary by the Green Burial Council.


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