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Find Comfort in Your Faith Tradition for a Funeral and Cremation in Beverly Hills, CA

Saying goodbye to your loved one who has passed away may be the most challenging thing you’ve ever had to do. One way to find support and comfort during these trying circumstances is to find meaningful ways to honor your loved one through a funeral and cremation in Beverly Hills, CA. Many avenues can be taken to address these needs. Finding a funeral provider that understands the nuance of your religious or lifestyle practices can feel particularly poignant. Those in the Jewish community with death care needs will want to learn more about what is available through Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary.

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What Is a Green Mortuary?

As environmental concerns become more well known, there has been a rise in the need for death care solutions that minimize the human impact on the earth with final arrangements. It is still vital for many families to gather and pay their last respects to the deceased. However, when you hire a green mortuary to assist you with options for green burial, you may find positive solutions in this area while balancing these concerns.

You will likely want to find ways to coordinate the final instructions left by the decedent (if they are known) while considering the needs of the next of kin and other grieving loved ones.
Cremation can offer a more environmentally friendly option for laying the decedent’s body to rest. The remains are processed in a secure furnace, transforming the body into a small amount of granularized ashes. These ashes are the most calcified parts of the bones were not consumed by the chamber’s heat.

If the body needs to remain intact and be presented for public viewing, consider finding a mortuary that can assist with green preparation methods. This might include solutions for expedited burial timelines, natural embalming with herbs, and essential oils, ice packing methods, and deep cold storage to maintain tissue integrity during the mourning process. Embalming is not mandated for many final arrangements related to a funeral and cremation in Beverly Hills, CA.

The actual burial practices can also support a more bio-friendly return to the earth. You may be able to find sections of a cemetery that only facilitate more natural burial methods. Your funeral director can help you source biodegradable casketing and containment merchandise that will break down with the body over a natural period. Those seeking more natural burial methods will need to work closely with their burial establishment to align with the various rules and regulations that may be in place for their particular plot or disposition site.

Many Types of Disposition Are Available After a Funeral and Cremation in Beverly Hills, CA

The final resting place for the decedent’s body is a critical part of planning the final arrangements. It is undoubtedly the most long-lasting piece of the death care process. While the site for burial and disposition is specifically for the body, it can be a source of comfort and peaceful reflection for the bereaved navigating the loss. There is no “right” or “best” way to choose this place.

Burial in the Earth in a Casket or Urn Plot: Traditional earthen burial is a long-standing solution used throughout time. Burying the deceased remains is a sanitary and respectful means of caring for the deceased’s body.

Entombing in a Ground Wall or Mausoleum Crypt: Above-ground burial is another option that works wonderfully for many families. A ground wall with mausoleum crypt spaces is designed for individuals to be interred in each private compartment. Though the wall is all together, each burial site is separate and unique. Families can purchase crypts together if they want to be buried near each other as the need arises over time.

A Columbarium for Cremated Bodies: Like a mausoleum for full-sized bodies, a columbarium is filled with niche spaces large enough to hold inurned cremated remains. As with a mausoleum, this is an above-ground burial solution.

Commission a Cremation Boulder: A beautiful and unique custom cremation placement solution is a cremation boulder. A natural-looking stone that can be decorated and engraved or marked with the necessary details of the deceased, a cremation boulder can be a beautiful addition to a garden or permanently placed in a burial establishment with a site for this type of disposition.

Call for Experienced Professionals Who Understand Your Background and Needs

For those seeking a full-service funeral home for services surrounding a funeral and cremation in Beverly Hills, CA, especially with a Jewish tradition, reach out to the experts and professionals at Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary to make final arrangements that work for your specific needs. Immediate needs will be addressed at all hours of the day and night throughout the year. We welcome you to see what is possible by scheduling a tour at a time that works for you. Start by calling (310) 641-0707 today. Our facilities and manicured grounds are at 6001 W Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90045.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

What is the Difference Between a Morgue and a Mortuary?

A morgue and a mortuary are both facilities for the postmortem care of human remains, but there are some key differences between them. Generally speaking, a morgue is an establishment used for the storage and examination of bodies which have not yet been identified or released to family members. On the other hand, a mortuary is typically used for embalming, funeral preparation services, visitation arrangements after death has occurred, and conducting memorial services.

How Do You Tell Someone that a Loved One Died?

The death of a loved one can feel like a devastating blow and communicating the news to someone can be equally as difficult. it’s important to remain respectful and sensitive when relaying the news of someone’s death. Choose your words carefully so you do not unintentionally cause distress or confusion in an already emotional situation. Speak directly and clearly, giving only information that is necessary without adding too many details which could further complicate matters. It is also important to allow space for sorrow; don’t rush into conversations with friends or family immediately after informing them of the death. 

Can You Pay for Your Funeral and Burial Before You Die?

Yes, you can certainly pay for your own funeral and burial before you die. Pre-planning a funeral is not only a responsible way to address end-of-life matters, but it also helps relieve some of the financial burdens that loved ones may face in the event of your death.