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The Garden of Solomon: An Exquisite Private Oasis of Unparalleled Beauty and Natural Splendor


The moment you enter the serenity of the Garden of Solomon, you are immediately transported to a very special place. Just as King Solomon is known for his wisdom, the Garden of Solomon is designed with the insight and knowledge you’ve naturally come to expect from Hillside. Whether you are looking for single ground spaces, family estates or urn property, the Garden of Solomon is a special, tranquil place for your family and for generations to come.

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Gan Eden: The First Green Burial Area in Los Angeles


Traditional Jewish burial rituals have been “Green” for thousands of years, so what is Hillside doing differently?

The key difference in Gan Eden from the rest of the park is the absence of cement burial vaults. In addition, Hillside does not require the use of caskets in this area which allows for a traditional shroud burial.

As environmental consciousness continues to rise, many people choose to consider ecological values in addition to religious values when making their end of life arrangements.

Hillside Memorial Park continues to be among the most progressive Jewish cemeteries in the United States, offering the largest variety of options to the community. Green Burial is yet another example of our ability to accommodate the requests and diversity of the families we are honored to serve.

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Valley of the Prophets


Honor your family’s traditions in a beautiful, meditative environment. Featuring an elegant mausoleum and expansive family estates, ground and wall space, Valley of the Prophets is an ideal setting to pay tribute to the memory of your loved ones.

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15-MatriarchsThe Garden of the Matriarchs and Court of the Matriarchs were dedicated in 2004. These elegant properties represent the strength and courage of Judaism’s Matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Leah and Rachel.

A majestic three-story, open-air mausoleum soaring above exquisite gardens and soothing fountains is the focal point of Matriarchs.

The properties available in Matriarchs include stately wall crypts for individuals and couples and private family estates, available with customized gates proudly bearing the family’s name. A beautiful selection of ground spaces is also located in this area.