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Cremation Choices

Choosing cremation offers several choices for service and memorialization. The following considerations will help you determine the type of event that would be most meaningful to you, your family, and friends.

  • Do you prefer to offer friends and extended family the opportunity to say goodbye and offer their love and support with a public viewing or memorial?
  • Do you prefer to conduct ceremonial services at a church or place of worship?
  • If family and friends are coming from a great distance, do you prefer to arrange a memorial service following the cremation?

Whatever your preference, our staff will work one-on-one with you to create an appropriate tribute. To help simplify the planning and arrangement process, the offerings described on the following pages represent the most popular choices of our families who choose cremation.

Choosing a Final Resting Place

Following the service and the cremation process, there are several options for choosing a peaceful, final resting place, including:

  • Home – Keeping in your private residence
  • Niche – Designated place in a church or mausoleum
  • Burial – Traditional placement in a cemetery
  • Scattering – Spread in a special location

Service Includes:

  • Basic services with Funeral Director and staff
  • Use of facilities, equipment and staff
  • Embalming
  • Transfer of remains to mortuary
  • Preparation of remains
  • Memorial package
  • Cremation at our crematory
  • Crematory fee
  • Allowance for permanent urn from Tier 3 Selections