Stained Glass: Mausoleum and Courts of the Book

Throughout the Mausoleum and the Courts of the Book are notable works of stained glass. Rich in symbolism, the art brings ancient Jewish history to life

The stained glass walls in the Courts of the Book glow with sunrise and sunset on the walls of the court. Vivid, brilliant, abstract, yet interconnected in design, these works inspire, give hope and remind us of the magnificence of the gift of life.

The most spectacular of these are the contemporary stained glass windows in three locations in the Courts of the Book. The largest runs the height of the building and is positioned to capture the setting sun’s western light. Vivid blues, purples and plums flow around starbursts of glass in greens whites, oranges and yellows.

Directly opposite it, catching the eastern morning light is another contemporary design window featuring yellow, white and orange stained glass.

A third window, also of contemporary design, is located on the eastern wall and can be viewed from different sides at different levels of the Courts of the Book. Tall and narrow, it catches both eastern and western sun through panes of gold, orange and white stained glass.